Stacey Fletcher Fine Art
My work is about the power of the metaphors that constitute reality and that which has become symbolic of my reality. Metaphors are symbols that we create through experience to reinterpret reality. The metaphors that drive my work toy with the viewer creating an idea of what is familiar. We do not see what “is” directly; it is a struggle between what we know as familiar and language that exists through marks that I create.

I have become a cage, a symbol that represents a multiple of meanings. My work is driven by the idea that you unconsciously cage yourself in reality.

My work is a process of layering; layering thoughts, memories, and ideas with sensual materials. A painting is a surface struggling between what we do not see and that which is seen directly. It is the love of mark making and materials that motivate the paintings. My obsession to make a surplus of marks creates form that becomes an abstraction of the idea. They seem abstract at first glance to the viewer, but have some sense of childhood imagery disguised among the colorful layers. The work is fresh with vibrant lively colors, layered with metaphors of myself and others contrasted with the chaotic approach of an energetic mark.